Our Waiting List

You've been doing your homework, and believe a Pomsky Patch puppy is the right fit for you and your family... this makes us smile BIG!

We field many inquiries about upcoming litters, and there is a way that you can be notified once we know we have one coming soon.

The process is easy:

1. Notify us by
email (<<< click here!)
2. We will respond by phone (be sure to provide the best
    number to reach you at in your email.)

3. A $100 deposit by Venmo will reserve your spot on the waiting list.

  • A customer's place on the list is relative to the order in which we receive their request and verified payment.

  • You will need to specify whether you want a male or female puppy.

  • If the next litter does not produce enough of the specific gender or the desired coloration and markings to accommodate your request, you may ask for a waiting list refund, or apply the the initial deposit to a future litter.

4. When the next litter arrives, you will have the opportunity to choose your specific puppy from the litter based on your place on the list. Again, this is a first-come-first-served arrangement.

5. The $100 deposit you made to get on the waiting list will be applied to the $300 deposit required to reserve your puppy, once you have made
a selection from a new litter. ​

  • Please note: Reserving a puppy means that we may have to turn away a potential customer. For this reason, deposits to reserve a puppy are non-refundable and should only be made when you are 100% sure you intend to adopt a puppy.

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  • Please note: On occasion, a guardian home may elect to adopt one of the puppies from their litter. This will take place before the selection process is opened at the beginning of WEEK 5.

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... and never miss a litter!


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