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Adding a new member to the family is serious business, even the four-legged furry kinds. Here at The Pomsky Patch, we take our responsibility seriously and want to make sure that every puppy we place is going into a home where they will be loved and cared for. We also take great effort in ensuring that new puppy owners have the best experience possible with one of our pups. We will be passing a lot of information along to you that will help set you on a path to successful puppy-rearing and training. We remain available to all our customers long after the sale/adoption has taken place, and we love to hear reports and see photos of our puppies as they grow. Please use the information we've provided below to connect with us. We are happy to answer any questions you have. -TPP

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Play-Time Safety Tips:

Chew toys to avoid with your new puppy...
[and other household hazards]

The Walk​:

Why it's good for you and your dog!

Bringing Your Puppy Home:

Tips for your Pomsky Patch Puppy's Smooth Transition

The Value of Socialization:

What your puppy will miss without regular socialization...

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