Jaclyn is My Name!

...Smiles and giggles are my game! I am the teeniest of the litter, weighing in at a whopping 4 lbs at my 8 week veterinary exam. I am an irresistible attention-grabber and love to prance and give kisses. Like my sister, Kate, I have unique "angel pattern" on my forehead! I am very intelligent and have a knack for problem solving. I am really fast on the floor too, and love to play chase-the-laser-dot! (I even caught it once, but no one believes me.) Speed really works to my advantage when it comes to being first to find a lap to sit on! Lap-sitting is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world.

• I was born on March 22nd, 2019.

• My breed has been genetically verified.
  [50% Husky / 50% Pomeranian]

• My estimated adult weight between 15-20 lbs.
• My birth is registered with the International Canine

   Association (ICA), and I'm eligible for full registration.

My veterinarian has given me a clean bill of health!

• I am current on ALL vaccinations. ($100 value to date)

• I am Litter Trained
• I am getting the hang of leash training too!

• My shot history will be provided at pick-up.

• I have been ID Micro-chipped.

• I come with a 24 month health agreement.

• My adoption price is $1,650.

• You can claim me now with a $300 Deposit

• My Guardians accept deposits by PayPal or Venmo

• I am located near Birmingham, Alabama

• Visit my Facebook page for more pics and reviews


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